The Attribute Collection-Hullabaloo Book Co.
The Attribute Collection-Hullabaloo Book Co.
The Attribute Collection-Hullabaloo Book Co.
The Attribute Collection-Hullabaloo Book Co.
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The Attribute Collection


A truly special gift, this collection features six books, each an excellent example of an Amazing Attribute. Start your little one’s library with this group of books and inspire them to be kind, brave, smart, creative, aware, and understanding of their feelings. The Amazing Attribute Collection features these beautiful books:

Extra Yarn

My daughters loved the beautiful simplicity of this book. A sweet story about using talents and gifts to benefit others and discovering how that's where the true magic lies. My seven-year-old says, "It's really fun. I like how she makes sweaters for things that don't need sweaters, haha!" -Emily, mom to 3 daughters (ages 7, 5 and 2.5) Temecula, CA

How To Be A Lion

How to be a Lion has a great lesson about being yourself and how there is not one way to do anything. It also has themes about boys being gentle instead of rough as well as being brave and standing up for yourself and others. Both truly resonated with us. -Liz, mom to Dashiell (age 4), New York, NY

One Hundred Things to Spot

One Hundred Things to Spot is a great book to interact with your child.  You are not just reading to them. They are engaged in working through the pictures and find success in completing each picture. She LOVED this book and had to find EVERYTHING over and over and over. -Lisa, mom to Molly (age 3.5), Hollywood, MD

The Adventures of Beekle

My class of four-year-olds LOVED this book and asked me to read it to them several times throughout the week. A wonderful story about making friends, putting yourself out there and the bravery it takes to be vulnerable. It encourages kindness and bravery and led to a GREAT class discussion about how being different is ok and that we all need friends. It is a must for kids starting school or who have recently moved and are worried about being different or fitting in. -Stephanie, Pre-K Teacher and mother of two, Virginia Beach, VA

Everything Everywhere

For a child who is incredibly curious about the world, loves maps and world exploration, loves discovering animals and learning their names, likes random facts and counting things and loves to examine gorgeous detailed illustrations to find hidden secrets. I loved the size of this book and the illustrations all over the cover and back. It looks very enticing and my son was very eager to explore it. This book encouraged many questions about the countries and the pictures on the page. It’s more of a day time reading book than a bedtime story as it stimulated my son so much he had hundreds of questions and observations that, had I tried to read it with him at night, he never would have fallen asleep for all his curiosity! -Liz, mom to Dashiell (age 4), New York, NY

In My Heart

My daughter and I love the colorful 3d shapes on the cover. She stays engaged and regularly picks this one for reading time. She also reads this one to herself and her stuffed animals, even making up her own emotions and examples of emotions to go with the pictures! -Amanda, mom to Holly (5 years old) San Diego, CA

Your books will come inside our exclusive Hullabaloo Book Company children’s backpack. The backpack, constructed of sturdy and durable polyester, features magnetic strap closures, a patterned liner, two inner pockets, one open and one zippered, a woven name tag, and padded, adjustable straps. Sized for children ages 3 and up, this backpack and these books are sure to last kids a good, long while.

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