The Hug
The Hug
The Hug
The Hug
The Hug
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The Hug

By: Eoin McLaughlin
Ages 1-7
In this clever flipbook, both a hedgehog and a tortoise are looking for a hug. They ask all the other animals they come across but for some reason, no one will hug them. Until a wise owl explains: Hedgehog is too spiky; Tortoise is too bony. And that's when they find each other. Follow Hedgehog's story and then flip the book and read Tortoise's until they meet in the middle.
"What to do when you're a prickly animal hankering for a hug? Why, find another misfit animal also searching for an embrace! Watching unlikely friends finally be as 'happy as two someones can be' feels like being enveloped in your very own hug."-- Kirkus


"What a sweet book that's perfect for not only Valentine's Day, but any time of year. My kiddos loved the story of both the Hedgehog and the Tortoise (and then took turns acting out the story). It was a really great way to talk to them on their level about embracing each other's differences and how we can find friendship and love no matter what those are ." Elizabeth, Mom of 4, Baltimore, MD  

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