Anthology of Intriguing Animals
Anthology of Intriguing Animals
Anthology of Intriguing Animals-Hullabaloo Book Co.
Anthology of Intriguing Animals

Anthology of Intriguing Animals

By: Ben Hoare, Daniel Long, Angela Rizza and Daniela Terrazzini
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This beautiful, modern anthology lets you find the animals that interest you and uncover new favorites along the way.

From lions and butterflies to sharks and spiders there's an animal for everyone in this celebration of the animal kingdom. Every animal is shown both photographically and illustrated, and children will love poring over the detailed images. The index is packed with reference information, including the size and location of each species, and a tree of life shows how the animal groups are connected.

With foil on the cover, gilded edges, and a ribbon for keeping your place, An Anthology of Intriguing Animals makes an attractive, impressive gift for any child who can't get enough of wildlife and nature. With engaging information and absorbing images, this book is perfect for children to explore by themselves or for bedtime stories.

The gilt edging on the paper and the beautiful illustrations make this the kind of special book you hand down through the generations! My son was thrilled, “This book has a lot of interesting animals and facts even I didn't know!" Erin, mother to Connor (age 8)

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