Superhero Gift Set-Hullabaloo Book Co.
Superhero Gift Set-Hullabaloo Book Co.
Superhero Gift Set-Hullabaloo Book Co.
Superhero Gift Set-Hullabaloo Book Co.
Superhero Gift Set-Hullabaloo Book Co.
Superhero Gift Set-Hullabaloo Book Co.
Superhero Gift Set-Hullabaloo Book Co.
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Let's Be Superheroes!

By: Shelly Becker and Eda Kaban
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Ages 3 and up

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days, Even Superheroes Make Mistakes + Superhero Dress Up Magnetic Builder Playset by Petit Collage. Beautifully packaged in our custom Make A Ruckus about Reading canvas string bag, this luxe package comes with our signature personalized bookplates customized with your messages for the little superhero in your life!

Even Superheroes Have Bad Days: 

When Superheroes don’t get their way,
when they’re sad, when they’re mad, when they’ve had a bad day . . .
. . . they COULD super-tantrum, they COULD but they DON'T,
because REAL Superheroes just WOULDN'T—they WON'T!

All kids have trouble getting a grip on their emotions, sometimes—even young superheroes! But what do they do when they’re having a bad day? Colorful action-packed illustrations and a dynamite rhyming text reveal the many ways superheroes (and ordinary children, too) can resist the super-temptation to cause a scene when they’re sad, mad, frustrated, lonely, or afraid. From burning off steam on a bike or a hike, to helping others, this energetic picture book has plenty of fun ideas to help kids cope when they’re feeling overwhelmed.

Even Superheroes Make Mistakes: 

What do young superheroes do when they’ve blundered and bungled? They don’t get mad; they get SMART! This fun follow-up to Even Superheroes Have Bad Daysteaches kids another humorous lesson in overcoming adversity.
Even superheroes sometimes slip up and err. And when that happens, do they say, “It’s not FAIR?” or give up in despair? NO! “Ashamed Superheroes who goofed up somehow . . . First STOP . . . then CONSIDER what’s best to do now.”  Whether they’ve nabbed the wrong guy by mistake or bashed into a planet while zooming through space, all superheroes ‘fess up their mess-up, get on with their day, and keep on saving the world in the most super way!

Superheroes Dress Up Magnetic Builder Playset by Petit Collage:

Great for Boys and Girls. 

Help these friends get ready for a superhero day. Choose their outfits and accessories with this hero-packed magnetic dress-up set. Includes two magnetic figures, two wooden stands, 27 magnetic pieces, and a secret hide-out. Create over 80 outfits! The box doubles as a play and display scene.

- Contains 2 large sized superheroes and 2 wooden stands
- Over 27 magnetic pieces create 80 outfits. Hours of pretend play!
- Packaged in a handy storage box with magnetic closure to keep pieces safe for   another day
- Promotes hand-eye co-ordination and fuels imaginative play.
- Meets and exceeds all safety standards
- perfect for ages 3 and up
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This gift comes with:

- Personalized, letterpressed bookplate(s)
- Heavyweight, cotton canvas, Hullabaloo Book Tote
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