ABC What Can I Be? + Ruckus Bag
ABC What Can I Be? + Ruckus Bag
ABC What Can I Be? + Ruckus Bag
ABC What Can I Be? + Ruckus Bag
ABC What Can I Be? + Ruckus Bag
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ABC What Can I Be? + Ruckus Bag

By: Sugar Snap Studio

Ages 0-4

ABC What Can I Be? presents a wonderful world full of career possibilities—from Astronomer to Zoo Keeper and everything in between. Representing kids of all kinds, this book shows that there are no limits to what a kid can pursue.

Pairing a career with each letter of the alphabet, ABC What Can I Be? features colorful illustrations and fascinating careers to get kids thinking about all the possibilities for their future. Each page introduces a letter of the alphabet with bright artwork and highlights a career that is fun, challenging, and makes a big impact in its own way. These 26 careers—which include Dentist, Floral Designer, Meteorologist, Robotics Engineer, Train Conductor, and Wildlife Conservationist—are just some of the things a kid can become! A fun read for the whole family,ABC What Can I Be? is not only perfect for teaching toddlers their ABCs, but also for encouraging them to consider all the careers available to them when they grow up.

This book comes with a personalized, letterpress bookplate featuring your season's greetings and comes wrapped in our annual canvas, reusable gift bag.

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This gift comes with:

- Personalized, letterpressed bookplate
-Annual, canvas holiday gift bag
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