A Pop Up Valentine's Card Inspired by LOVE by Robert Sabuda

Send someone a POP of love!

By Sarah  2/5/22

Love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching! For my little family that means homemade cards, sweets, and heart shaped pizza! We also do a scavenger hunt with clues around our house that lead our kiddos to a new Valentine’s themed book to share. One of Hullabaloo’s amazing attributes is Kind Hearts, focusing on treating each other with love and respect. Reading books with this message is a perfect way to bring even more meaning to this holiday. I even like to add this into our daily lives by brainstorming with my kiddos on ways to do something nice for others. This year, the book Love by Robert Sabuda inspired me to create a pop-up Valentine's card craft for my kiddos. While we're crafting, we'll talk about how there is something extra special about receiving a homemade card. They are filled with so much intention and love!

We"ll also think of all the different people in our lives that would feel special by receiving a card. It may be our close family member or friend but it can even be someone we don’t really know very well at all like our grocery store clerk, mail person, waiter, local shop owner, the possibilities are endless!

Make a big POP this Valentine’s Day with this simple craft!

We've made a free printable for you HERE! Use it to make your card or create a masterpiece all your own.

You’ll need:

3 sheets of standard printing paper, white or colorful 



Crayons, markers, or paints

Downloadable printable HERE

Get Started:

1.) Print the three sheets, color, and cut out the three hearts. Fold both the outer ("Dear Valentine) and inner ("You make my heart go") pieces of paper in half.

2.) Take the the inner piece, unfold it, and fold it back in the other direction, along the original fold line. Cut small slits into the fold by following the dotted lines creating three tabs.

3.) From behind, push the little tabs into the card to create the pop up function. They should look like little tables.

4.) Now you're going to glue the inner page to the outer page. Take a moment and stack your pages back to back. The Dear Valentine should be upside down and the inner text should be right side up. This way you read the front of the card then open to read the inside and everything is facing the right direction. Add glue to the back of your inner page, being careful not to get ANY glue on your pop up tabs. Stick your inner page inside the outer page. BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO GLUE DOWN YOUR POP UP TABS. THEY WILL NOT WORK IF THEY ARE STUCK!

5.) Glue the points of the three hearts onto the the lower portion the popup tabs. Set aside to fully dry before opening or closing.

6.). Sign your name and know you're about to make someone smile! :-)

When folded, this card is 8.5"x5.5" which is slightly larger than a greeting card and will not fit into a standard envelope. You can definitely mail the card but you'll need a larger envelope to fit it. Happy Valentine's Day crafting, everyone!