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Apple Cake and an Apple Print T-Shirt

This combo is as meaningful as it is delicious.

By Sarah  11/12/21

When I think of apples I am instantly taken back to my childhood, so as soon as I saw the book Apple Cake my heart started to flutter. For me, apples mean fall and fall means countless trips to Apple Hill, a collection of several family-owned farms in the Northern California foothills of the Sierra Mountains. Visiting these farms has been a cherished family tradition since I was a little girl!

As I read the book Apple Cake, I am reminded of all the nature and hands that help create some of our most treasured family traditions. From the bees to the trees, to the cows and hens, farmers and friends. I adore that the book sets your hearts and sites on thankfulness as this is a perspective we try to focus on in our family, living with grateful hearts. Reading Apple Cake created a great opportunity for a conversation about the meaning of gratitude with my kids! 

Annually, my elementary school classes would make apple print t-shirts and wear them on fall field trips. Adding this activity with my family apple farm tradition seemed like the perfect fit! So ever since I had my firstborn, nearly nine years ago, we’ve made and worn apple print shirts for each baby's first trip up to Apple Hill. Recreating these shirts with all four of my babies has been so special. I truly hope that one day my children look back and are as thankful as I am for our fall memories together!

Make an Apple Print Tee!

You’ll need:

Two apples

Blank white t-shirt

Red/green/yellow acrylic paint

Paper plates


Three forks

Get Started:

1.) Place the cardboard inside the shirt to keep the paint from bleeding through. Cut the apples in half and poke the forks into the skin-side of the apples. Make an apple/paint setup for each color of paint. 

2.) Have your kiddo dip the apple in the paint and then gently stamp the front of the shirt. Let dry and stamp the back if you want to go all out. Wear with pride and enjoy all the fun, fall memories!

Make a day of it by baking the apple cake recipe in the back of the book with the apples you picked on your farm day! Have fun by voting on your favorite color/variety of apple. The group favorite is the one you bake into your cakes!

Happy Hullabaloo reading from me to YOU!

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