Book-Themed Valentine's Gifts

Give love and (of course) literature with these ideas for the whole family!

By Hollis  1/21/22

While I understand and respect the fist-shaking at the commercialism of this holiday, I am not afraid to admit that I LOVE Valentine's Day. I love any excuse to shower my loved ones with sugar and gifts. I love that it falls during the crummy part of winter after Christmas when you're freezing and it feels like there's nothing to look forward to until spring. I love the color scheme and the girly hearts all over the place. I AM UNASHAMED. I also apparently really enjoy writing these round-up posts. I love to shop and I love our books so this kind of post is a win-win for me. At some point I'll write other stuff about the benefits of reading to kids, my all-time favorite Hullabaloo books, our origin story, you name it. But during the deepest darkest days of winter, LET ME SHOP and you can be the lucky recipients of my internet scouring. Today, I've picked some of our most perfect Love Day books and matched them with adorable and sometimes even functional gifts. Stick to one or two things per person or go all the way and build some seriously baller Valentine's baskets. Whatever you do, tag @hullabaloobookco in your pics so I can see the fruits of my labor! 

1. Love is

This sweet story about a little girl who finds a lost duckling and brings it home mirrors the lifetime of love between a parent and a child. I'd gift it with this sweet little duckling, a rubber love ducky for the tub, and this cute romper (inspired by the cover) paired with the cutest heart glasses for trips to the duck pond in the warmer days to come.

2. Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug

The first book in the Tiny T. Rex series is so cute. All he wants to do is cheer up his sad friend with a big hug but his shorty arms might make that impossible! We love it for T's persistence and dino-sized heart. I have a dinosaur fanatic in my house so a few of these will probably show up in his love bucket. Ward off the February chill in this ferocious dino beanie but stay oh so cool in these Jurassic inspired sunglasses. Keep them busy and wired painting their own dinosaurs and munching on prehistoric special treats.

3. Love is a Truck

A sturdy board book love letter to trucks and the kid that loves them. This sweet book features trucks of all kinds, perfect for the vehicle-loving Valentine in your house. I went with a seasonally appropriate red fire truck theme and found these perfect pajamas, this little wooden fire engine toy set, and this perfectly packaged truck crayon set. (This sweet book has a sister, Love is a Tutu, and a pink, tulle, ballet, explosion gift basically makes itself.)

4. The Kid's Book of Paper Love

This book is the perfect choice for the craftiest kid in your bunch. It is PACKED with a ton of prompts and projects plus extra printed goodies to share. It'll keep kids busy for weeks especially when given alongside a new set of fancy heart shaped crayons, a rainbow sticker and sketchbook, and this amazing, personalized candy bento box.

5. Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed The World

Ugh this book is so cool. It features fab watercolor portraits and feisty mini-biographies of some of history's most bad-a$$ ladies, ranging from Marie Curie to Joan Jett. It's perfect for big girl readers but also looks great on a coffee table stack. This gift is for the tweens and teens so I channeled my inner cool girl and picked this boss, girly sweatshirt, some cozy socks, a pair of rose gold hugs and kisses that I want for myself, and some satin scrunchies to keep her top knot on point.

6. Let's Stay In: More than 120 Recipes to Nourish the People You Love

YOU GUYS.  We have grown-up books on the site! Limited time only, a fun extra in case you were already here and wanted to send a gift to a Galentine or something to an entire family. I love this beautiful cookbook because it has recipes for the entire family and is filled with the most beautiful photography. Make it a whole family affair with a set of beautiful mixing bowls, matching family aprons, and some bakingtools perfect for the month of love and beyond.