The Best Holiday Books for Kids

Kick the season off right with these festive favorites.

By Hollis  11/18/21

Being a store owner at Christmas time is intense, to say the least. We LOVE celebrating the season and helping shoppers find the best books for the kids on their list but the schedule is grueling and the pressure is HIGH. However, the thing we love the MOST, despite all the stress of the season, is pulling out the holiday collection and finding new beauties to put on the site. I can honestly say that we've looked over hundreds of holiday books in the search of putting only the best in our shop. So it is with hours of research and and an abundance of cheer that I bring you some of the BEST holiday books for your babes. Pull up a throw blanket, dunk your cookie in that mug of hot chocolate, and get ready to bask in the glow of these holiday hits.

1. Bookscape Board Books: Christmas Cheer

This tactile, cutie board book is perfect for the littlest elf. It "festively depicts the colorful, dynamic scenes of Christmas time—from caroling to baking, building a snowman to decorating the tree, and more." Plus die-cut pages are always a big hit.

2. Dasher: How a Brave Little Doe Changed Christmas Forever

So many reasons to love this stunner from Matt Tavares. Who wouldn't love a reindeer origin story? Plus we LOVE that Matt made his main character a female deer giving this book some holiday AND girl power spirit.

3. The Tree That's Meant to Be

The bright, creative illustrations are reason enough to love this book but the strong message of loving yourself just the way you are really make this book a winner. We love it so much we chose it for our December Club Hullabaloo box!

4. A Winter's Tale: An Original Pop-up Journey

JIMINY CHRISTMAS, you have never seen a more beautiful pop-up book than this one! Yes, it is pricey, but every page in this big, glittery wonder is a piece of art. Massive scenes unfold to the verses of the Robert Frost poem and there's even real Christmas lights at the end!

5. A Year Full of Celebrations and Festivals 

So this one isn't just for Christmas and that's why it's great for anyone who wants a book for the whole year, not just a season. (We personally believe there's room on the shelf for ALL!) Read about "countless different festivals celebrated all over the world throughout the year. Some are national holidays, celebrated for religious and cultural reasons, or to mark an important date in history, while others are just for fun."

6. Mr. Boddington's Studio: T'was the Night Before Christmas

It's always fun to sell a new release because the number of new holiday books published each year is surprisingly small. Especially ones that meet our very high standards. So imagine our excitement about this classic poem being given a fresh and stylish new look. This is a book that you could even give a discerning adult (hostess gift, anyone?) so we're obviously smitten.

7. The Story Orchestra: The Nutcracker

If you haven't seen a Story Orchestra Press the Note book, you are missing out. The fabric cover with embossed, gold lettering is so beautiful, that's reason enough to be on this list. But open it up and press the little notes scattered throughout the book and you hear an impressive sampling of Tchaikovsky’s score. PLUS, there's a fantastic educational spread in the back. Give this to your god-children or seriously impress your boss. (We also sell TSO's Four Seasons and it's equally as impressive.)

8. How Winston Delivered Christmas

We had NO IDEA what a hit this would be. It's an advent book! It's an adorable story about a mouse that goes on an adventure to save a little boy's Christmas! It's a literal craft-spectacular! This one is fun for the whole family. Order in time for it to arrive before December 1st to get the full experience.

9. Silent Night

If you're looking for a beautiful representation of the Nativity, look no further. The lyrics of the classic song come to life through the beautiful illustrations. Also, "the world’s diversity is reflected in a cast of characters with a range of skin tones" for which we give this book two enthusiastic thumbs up. 

10. Red and Green and Blue and White

Another new release! One that discusses Hanukkah no less! (They are shockingly hard to come by.) This story is a, "lightly fictionalized version of the 1993 incident wherein a community stood up to bigotry" and we're very excited about it. Share this because we need more reminders of how many good neighbors are among us right now.

11. The Christmas Pig

With a third new release on this list you must be thinking that the comment I made above about new holiday books is a load of hooey. But how could we not put J.K. ROWLING'S NEWEST BOOK on this list?! Seriously, she could write about her mop and I'd be weeping with joy. This is a chapter book so get it and read it to the family OR get it and have your oldest read it to the family while you have a glass of wine. 

12. Paint by Sticker Kids: Christmas

This one is a little bonus because, while it won't change lives with it's magical story (there isn't one) or it's breathtaking illustrations (none of those either), it is an awesome advent gift or stocking stuffer that will keep them HIGHLY entertained for a good, long while. That, my friends, is what you call a Christmas miracle.

This is only a taste of our beautiful holiday selection this year! Check out more festive finds HERE.