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Escargot and a Paper Plate Snail

This craft and snail combo is tres bon! 

By Hollis  7/14/21

(This book and craft combo was featured on Hullabaloo's Instagram page this summer as part of our virtual Camp Hullabaloo. Love books and crafts? Check out our subscription series Club Hullabaloo for even more fun!) 

We LOVE the adorable story of Escargot and his journey to the perfect salad at the end of the book. His cute little accent and sky-high self confidence are truly irresistible. What better way to celebrate him than with this adorable paper plate snail craft? read the book, pull out the craft supplies, and say bonjour to your new Frenchy friend!

Make a Paper Plate Snail!

You’ll need:

2 paper plates

A TON of fun bits to glue on your snail (we used pompoms and pony beads but it was about halfway through gluing these on that we realized Cheerios would’ve be easy and very cute. Buttons, colorful torn paper, tissue, or fingerprints would all be great.) 

1 pipe cleaner for antenna (you can also cut these out of paper)

Black, red, and blue markers

Brown crayon

School glue

Small black piece of paper


Hole punch

Googly eyes (you can also draw these on)

Get Started:

1.) Fold one paper plate in half and color the body of your snail. We chose to recreate Escargot but you can make your snail friend any way you want! We colored half the body brown, filled in his blue Breton-striped tube top, and drew on his jaunty red neckerchief. Leave a few inches on one side to create his face. Take your school glue and draw a big swirl on your second plate. Let the kids go wild gluing their bits in place.

2.) While that dries, poke two holes at the top of the uncolored corner about 1-2 inches apart. Lace your pipe cleaner through the holes and trim to a short, cute antenna length. Add your snails eyes, tiny smile, and eyebrows. Using your scissors, cut a little squashed-pumpkin-shaped beret out of your black paper and glue between the antenna. Once the second plate is fully dry, glue the shell onto the back of your snail’s body.

That's it! Now go share a crunchy vegetable with your Escargot and pat yourself on the back for a craft that we're sure turned out tres, tres bon!