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Treat littlest loves to something really special.

By Hollis  11/20/21

I think we can all agree that shopping for babies is just plain fun. The stuff is tiny, it's all very soft and cuddly, and they have zero opinions so unless you give them a box of glass, you really can't miss. As a parent shopping for my young kids, I'm always trying to answer certain questions. Will this gift teach them something? Will it keep them engaged for longer than five minutes? Will both of them be able to enjoy it now or in the future? Lastly, will this gift make my life easier in some way? Oftentimes, the same questions apply when I'm shopping for other people's babies but with the added hope that I'm not only giving the baby something special but I'm giving the PARENTS something great too. This was a founding principle of our little business and we stand by it today. A great book often answer every. single. one. of the questions above. Read on for more answers to your baby gift-buying questions below. These gifts are not only impressive quality, safe, and enriching but they guarantee a ton of solid snuggle sessions. Who wouldn't want that ANY time of year? 

1. Rainbow Colors Book and Big Gift Set

A precious, brightly colored board book that teaches colors and unity! For many reasons, this little rhyming book is a big hit with babies but also my five year old! It's fun to point out all the different items on each color's page and they love to trace the rainbow shape with their fingers. We've paired it with an organic cotton bib from woman-owned small business Stina & Mae. It's soft and absorbent and the rainbow watercolors are just lovely.

2. Touch Think Learn Gift Set

The Touch Think Learn series is an amazing French import. The books are of a quality that you just have to see to believe and they feature really stylish and creative die-cut pages that encourage babies to well... touch, think, and learn. Plus they are HUGE. Like probably close to the size of the actual baby you're shopping for.

3. Yum Yummy Yuck and Avocado Stacking Toy

Yum Yummy Yuck is a hugely popular board book that uses bright colors and funny text to teach babies what they should and shouldn't put in their mouths. (Yum: broccoli, watermelon, bananas. Yuck: sand, bandaids, boogers). Drive that lesson home with the totally teethable Avocado Stacker from lady-owned small business Clover & Birch.

4. Hullabaloo's Best Boards for Baby

Probably our most popular gift in the shop, our Best Boards collection has spawned a lot of copycat versions on other sites. What we have over all the others is our Amazing Attribute philosophy and the knowledge that when giving this gift, you're also giving them the gifts of Kindness, Curiosity, Bravery, Intelligence, Cultural Awareness, and Emotional Intelligence. Learn more about our Attributes HERE.

5. The Growing Hearts Trio

This sweet French series is packed with lessons for babies and beyond, making it a great gift for a family of young kids. This trio features lessons about big emotions, finding joy in the every day, and the importance of sharing and kindness.

6. Indestructibles! Baby Book Set

These adorable books are made from literally indestructible paper. Hand them over to even the most monstrous toddler and they will survive unscathed. The brightly colored illustrations and simple text make for very cute read alongs. (Hint: These are even fun at bath time. They can go straight in the tub!)

7. Tiger Days and Busy Bag Gift Set

Tiger Days is a precious book that uses animals to describe different feelings. This is a great one for two year olds who are learning how to process all their BIG feelings. Paired with a Clover and Birch Animal Matching Busy Bag, this gift is packed with quality engagement.

8. You Belong Here and Deer Teether Gift Set

This one is GREAT for new babies. "The stars belong in the deep night sky, and the moon belongs there too, and the winds belong in each place they blow by, and I belong here with you." COME ON. Paired with a Clover & Birch Deer Teether, this gift is sentimental AND useful.

9. Hullabaloo's Curated Board Book Duos

If you're looking for a cute and easy gift for a little one but don't want to spend a fortune. Our board book duos are a great bet because we've done the hard work for you. The books are beautiful and meaningful from authors we love and trust. THIS pair is a great bedtime team, THIS set teaches inclusivity and unity, and THIS set teaches bravery and kindness.

10. Our Favorite Picture Books for New Families

We pride ourselves on keeping a shop full of only the best but sometimes it's a specific theme or subject that really speaks to the giving occasion. If you're looking to send a meaningful gift without a ton of work or expense (think best friend's littles who live far away or a gift for a special employee or neighbor) then pair these with a bookplate and bag and cross a bunch of folks right off your list. THIS one and THIS one are perfect for new babies, THIS one is a gorgeous take on a counting book, and THIS one is a perfect book for or from a fellow daddy.

This is only a taste of our beautiful selection for babies this year! Check out our entire Tiny Collection HERE.

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