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The Koala Who Could & a Matching Corner Bookmark

Make this little koala to mark your page! 

By Hollis  7/28/21

(This book and craft combo was featured on Hullabaloo's Instagram page this summer as part of our virtual Camp Hullabaloo. Love books and crafts? Check out our subscription series Club Hullabaloo for even more fun!) 

We love this week’s adorable main character, Kevin the Koala. Kevin has a really hard time letting go and he learns a valuable lesson that sometimes, when the worst happens, you end up A-OK and your life can even be better for it. We thought this story made for an adorable opportunity to make a clinging-koala corner bookmark!

Origami Koala Corner Bookmark

You’ll need:

Gray paper cut down to 7 x 7” (save your scraps! Don’t have any gray paper? Print a 7 x 7” square on typing paper, cut out, and color in on both sides with a gray crayon, marker, or pencil.) 

Small squares of black and pink construction paper

A pencil


Glue stick

Black marker

Cotton balls

Optional googly eyes

Get Started:

1.) Watch the video HERE (third and fourth slides) to create your corner fold origami with your gray paper and set aside. Now you’re going to make your koala face elements. Using the lid of your glue stick, place on the pink paper and trace 2 circles to create your cheeks. Using a small water glass, trace 2 circles on your gray scrap paper to make your ears. Freehand a long oval on your black paper to create your nose. 

2.) Cut everything out and glue your cheeks and nose on top of the main folded corner Glue your two gray circles to the back of the corner fold to make the ears.

3.) Add eyes (googly or otherwise), eyebrows, and a smile with your black marker. Place two dots of glue on the center of the ears and stick your cotton balls on top to give your friend his signature fuzzy look. Now give your koala a good corner to cling to on the pages of your favorite book! Happy crafting, friends!