New Books on the Site: Kid & Adult Edition

Great gifts for everyone that can be enjoyed this season and all year long.

By Hollis  11/21/22

You can never go wrong giving the gift of reading and we have some fantastic new books sure to thrill bookworms of all ages. Get to know our favorites and be ready to shop all weekend long!


1. Around the Board

Get in on the beautiful board trend! With a chapter for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall, the reader will learn to make nearly 50 creative, delicious boards that capitalize on the flavors and festivities of the season. Complete with suggested flavor and beverage pairings, styling tips, ingredient profiles, and more, Around the Board is your guide to year-round entertaining.

2. Wine Folly: Magnum Edition

Wine Folly became a sensation for its inventive, easy-to-digest approach to learning about wine. This new, expanded hardcover edition is the perfect guide for anyone looking to take his or her wine knowledge to the next level. Learn about more than 100 grapes, different wine regions, labeling, how to taste like a pro, and more.

3. The Southern Living Party Cookbook

In this update to the best-selling book of our mothers’ and grandmothers’ era, Elizabeth’s tell-it-like-it-is voice provides a twist to the classic Southern advice that is a refresher for entertainers of any age or experience. Packed with delicious recipes from the original book like Smoked Salmon Canapes, Hot Cheese Squares, and Brandy Alexanders, the book also includes popular picks from the current pages of Southern Living as well as Elizabeth’s treasured recipe box.

3. The Art of Mixology: Classic Cocktails and Curious Concoctions

Become your own bartender and create new, delicious concoctions at home with this collection of artisan cocktail recipes. In addition to craft drinks and techniques, this book also covers traditional mixology methods and features classic cocktails that never go out of style, such as the Mai Tai, Marilyn Monroe, and Zombie. Perfect for a young adult just starting out or for your cool 60-year old neighbors, pair this with a great bottle and receive the Best Gifter Award every time.

4. The Atlas of Christmas: The Merriest, Tastiest and Quirkiest Traditions from around the World

Discover the fascinating and sometimes downright wacky ways that people and nations celebrate the holiday season and share this festive compendium's unique traditions together with family and friends. From decorations and activities to feasts and special treats, there's a wide range of both lovely and unusual traditions from around the globe. 

5. Paper Christmas

Craft your own Christmas with 16 festive paper-craft projects ranging from simple yet effective bunting to intricate snowflake tree decorations, wrapping paper, printing with shaving foam, and an advent calendar village. You know we love a craft around here! This book has a range of activities for all ages and skill levels. 


6. Alllllll the new sticker and activity books:

Sometimes you just want an interactive book that's great for the car, weekends when they need a screen break, or as a fun addition to the perfect theme gift. We've collected a few great options that'll keep littler fingers busy and brains engaged. Check out Curious Kids: Age of the Dinosaur, Color with Stickers: Dinosaurs, Curious Kids: Stars & Space, Color with Stickers: Space, and Sticker Style: House.

7. Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life

From Tyrannosaurus and saber-toothed cats to ferns and woolly mammoths, every page will captivate young readers as they travel through the history of the Earth. We personally own two of these books and my little scientist LOVES them. Like, takes them to first grade show and tell loves them. They are big, beautiful, and filled with just the right amount of information. They make truly stunning gifts. So beautiful we're selling them all, keep reading for more!

8. Mysteries of the Universe

From planets and asteroids to black holes and galaxies, every page of this captivating book reveals the secrets behind more than 100 celestial objects. Get ready to explore fun facts and exciting new scientific discoveries! For centuries, the mysteries of space have captured our imaginations. This picture book will illuminate imaginations and spark curious minds to explore the vastness of space.

9. Anthology of Aquatic Life

From the deepest, widest ocean to the tiniest puddle, this beautiful compendium takes young readers on an enthralling journey through the aquatic world, meeting amazing animals, ingenious plants, and much more along the way. Stunning photography and gorgeous illustrations complement storybook descriptions about each life form, and children can uncover hundreds of fascinating facts as they read.

This is only a taste of our amazing selection of books for all ages this season. Check out our holiday books HERE and our Tiny, Little and Big Collections for books that never disappoint!