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Sophie Scott Goes South and a Handprint Penguin

Handprint crafts are ALWAYS a hit.

By Hollis  8/15/21

(This book and craft combo was featured on Hullabaloo's Instagram page this summer as part of our virtual Camp Hullabaloo. Love books and crafts? Check out our subscription series Club Hullabaloo for even more fun!) 

We had so much fun reading Sophie Scott Goes South and learning all about Alison Lester's real-life, 6 week-long voyage to Antarctica upon an icebreaker ship, the Aurora Australis. On her journey, Sophie describes the incredible sites, experiences, and wildlife she sees firsthand. The once in a lifetime experience has us longing for cooler climates. (But…maybe not *that cold!)

Make a Handprint Penguin!

You’ll need:

Black paper

White paper

Orange paper



Glue stick

Small circular item for tracing (about the size of your child’s palm)

Sticker eyes. (You can also make these by cutting very small circles out of the white paper and drawing in pupils.)

Get Started:

1.) Trace your little one’s hand on the black paper with their three middle fingers press together and their pinky and thumb splayed out. Cut out the handprint and set aside. 

2.)Trace your circular item on the round white piece of paper. Cut out your circle and glue to the palm section of the handprint with the fingers pointing down.

3.) Now use your pencil to freehand a diamond and two webbed feet. Cut out all three and fold the diamond in half to create a beak. Glue onto your penguin (like in the image above) then add your eyes to make your penguin’s sweet face.

We had a blast adding a blue background, cotton ball drifts, and paper snowflakes to create an Antarctic home for our new friend. Happy crafting, everyone!

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