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Zonia's Rainforest and Blue Morpho Butterfly Sponge Painting

This easy craft is great for all ages.

By Hollis  7/21/21

(This book and craft combo was featured on Hullabaloo's Instagram page this summer as part of our virtual Camp Hullabaloo. Love books and crafts? Check out our subscription series Club Hullabaloo for even more fun!) 

Zonia’s Rainforest by Juana Martinez is a vibrant story about an Indigenous little girl’s adventures exploring the wild and wonderful Peruvian Amazon. On every page is a beautiful Blue Morpho butterfly that acts as a visual guide as Zonia makes her way through the story. Using her butterfly friend as inspiration, go beyond the book with this fun Butterfly Sponge Painting project!

Blue Morpho Butterfly Sponge Painting

You’ll need:

One piece of white paper or card stock

Tne sponge

One rubber band

Paint brushes

Blue/black/white paint

Black marker or crayon

Get Started:

1.) Wrap your rubber band around the center of the sponge to make your butterfly shape. Paint the center of the wings blue, leaving room around the outside to paint the black edges and white dots of the wings.

2.) Turn your sponge over and press onto the paper being careful to place the sponge straight down and lifting straight up so you don’t smear the butterfly shape. Using your marker, draw the butterfly’s body and antenna.

If you’re feeling extra artistic, add rainforest details around your butterflies to finish your masterpiece!

We love Zonia’s Rainforest because it features the Amazing Attributes, Bright Eyes and Strong Spirits: for introducing us to a curious and strong Indigenous character and reminding us of the importance of rain forest conservation. We hope this week’s feature sparks great conversation about protecting our earth’s rain forests as they are home to thousands of animals and Indigenous people.

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