Hi, we’re Blaine and Hollis and we’re the founders of Hullabaloo Book Company. We met as 8 year-olds when we joined a local girl’s choir but our friendship was truly cemented on the first day of high school. We’ve been more like sisters ever since. Over the next 25 years we embarked upon (multiple) careers, started families (Blaine has four kids with a navy spouse on active duty, Hollis has two with her husband based in NYC), and settled into life as stay/work at home moms. For every birthday and holiday, we send the other’s kids special books that speak to their interests or milestones. As avid readers ourselves, we always appreciate the care that goes into finding the perfect book. 

When Blaine came to Hollis with the idea for a bookstore/gift shop hybrid, Hollis committed without a second thought. Hullabaloo was born out of a desire to make it easy to put the BEST books into the hands of children. You shouldn’t have to be a parent in the know to find great books. You shouldn’t have to search through the thousands of options out there to land on the book that speaks to your wishes for the special child in your life. Lastly, that book should arrive as a perfectly personalized package. 

We work with publishers, editors, and avid readers to find new and exciting, superior quality, culturally relevant books. Then our Family Reader Circle reads those books to their children and classrooms and reports back on the response, age appropriateness, and overall quality and message of each. We want our curated collection to be filled with books that will be loved for generations. 

We’re very grateful you’ve stopped by and hope you find something truly special. Every one of our readers is an honorary member of The Hullabaloo Crew and we’re so happy to have you. Now let’s Make a Ruckus about Reading!