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If you selected weekly, you will be charged Mondays beginning May 25th for delivery the following week. The last charge will be Monday, August 10th.

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You will be receiving frequent (not annoying) emails from us letting you know what to expect in the weeks ahead. Please make sure our messages land in your inbox and not in your trash!

Please note: All subscriptions include ONE book weekly with personalized book plate per family, a list of themed activities, some craft supplies, and occasional surprises. Weekly subscribers will be charged the subscription price plus $3.95 shipping on Mondays from May 25th through August 10th. The nominal fee for additional children covers administrative and printing costs.

Only want part of the summer? No problem. We need two weeks advanced notice to unsubscribe and cancel your payments. Please email at least 14 days before the Monday of the last week you want to participate. Ex: I want Monday, July 20th to be my last week so I am emailing to cancel no later than Monday, July 6th!