How To Be a Lion
How To Be a Lion
How To Be a Lion
How To Be a Lion

How To Be a Lion

By: Ed Vere
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In this timely and charming story about the importance of being true to yourself, mindfulness, and standing by your friends, we meet Leonard, a lion, and his best friend Marianne,

Leonard and Marianne have a happy life until one day a pack of bullies questions whether it's right for a lion and a duck to be pals. Leonard soon learns there are many ways to be a lion and many ways to be a friend, and that sometimes finding just the right words can change the world... 

This sweet, funny, thoughtful, and much-needed story will open up readers' eyes to the importance of being who they are and not backing down to hurtful criticism. It's an empowering tale about connecting with others and choosing kindness over bullying and shows children how angry and provocative words can be overcome by empathy and inner courage.

Nominated for the 2019 Kate Greenaway Medal and the 2019 Carnegie Medal
An NPR Best Books of 2018 selection
A New York Public Library Best Books of 2018 selection

How to be a Lion has a great lesson about being yourself and how there is not one way to do anything. It also has themes about boys being gentle instead of rough as well as being brave and standing up for yourself and others. Both truly resonated with us. -Liz, mom to Dashiell (age 4), New York, NY

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